Rivu Chakraborty is a community person, an Android & Kotlin developer, one of the early adopters of Kotlin, India's first GDE (Google Developers Expert) for Kotlin (https://developers.google.com/community/experts/directory/profile/profile-rivu-chakraborty).

Rivu has worked with many leading startups in India and South-East Asia as listed below.

He has authored multiple Kotlin and Android Development books including Reactive Programming in Kotlin, Functional Kotlin, Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Kotlin etc, more details in Books section.

Rivu considers himself a Kotlin and Android enthusiast cum evangelist. He has been using Kotlin since December 2015. Rivu created the KotlinKolkata User Group and before moving out to Bangalore, he had been the lead organiser for both Kotlin Kolkata User Group and GDG Kolkata. He now co-organizes BlrKotlin and volunteers for BlrDroid events.

Along with organising events, he also speaks at events, conferences and meetups, please visit the public speaking section for more details.